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Whether you have just a few contacts, several hundred, or more than a thousand, there are times you'll want to search for a contact rather than scroll through a long list of contacts. There are several ways you can search for people and contacts in Outlook. There are several different ways you can search for a contact. You can use the Search People box on the ribbon in any Outlook folder, search while composing a new message or meeting, or search in Outlook's People pane formerly known as the Contacts folder.

This is the quickest and easiest way to find a contact.

How to locate via cell phone Number

Position your cursor in the Search People box, then start typing the first few letters of the person's first name or email address. As you type, Outlook will continually refine the search.

For example, if you type the letter t , Outlook will return matches such as Tony , Teresa , and Tanya. If you type ta , Outlook will further refine that list to Tanya. When you select the To, Cc, or Bcc buttons in a new message, Outlook will display your default address book. If you have multiple contacts folders or address books, you can use the drop-down under Address Book to choose among them.

How to use Google to Find Phone Numbers (2018 Updated)

When you do, you'll see an alphabetized list of contacts, sorted by name. To search, type part of the contact's name in the Search box and then select Go. You can select the More columns radio button to search by other fields, including department, phone, and location. Once Outlook returns a list of contacts, double-click the one you want to add the contact to the To box, or select the contact and then click To, Cc, or Bcc to add the contact to the respective boxes. Above your contacts list, place your cursor in the Search Contacts box.

The Search People box only searches on names and email addresses.

The Search Contacts box searches phone numbers, addresses, company names, and more. Outlook displays your search results in card form, showing the contact photo, email address, business or home address, and phone numbers.

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Choose the person you want from the search results. If you type Jul, Outlook will return results that include Julian and Julie in any field, including company name, email address, and physical address. Getting too many results when you search for complete or partial information? Consider further refining your search. There are many options available, including the following groups of options on the Search Tools tab, to help narrow your search.

You can search on complete or partial information. For example, you can enter a part of a business name or a phone number. In any of the card views, such as Business Cards or Address Cards , click a letter in the alphabetical index displayed next to the cards.

How To Track A Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

In any table view, such as Phone List or By Company , click a column heading to sort the contacts by the criteria that are associated with the column. On the Home tab, in the Find group, in the Find a Contact box, type the name of the contact. You can enter a partial name, such as Judy L, a first or last name, an email address, a display name, or a company name. When you click the Search Contacts box, the Search Tools tab appears. The search commands enable you to refine your search to help you find a contact. On the Home tab, in the Find group, in the Find a Contact box, type the name of the person you want to find.

You can enter a partial name, a first or last name, an email address, a display name, or a company name.

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Your Outlook Contacts are searched first. If no match is found, all the other available address books, including any that you have added, are searched. To quickly open a contact that you have searched for previously, click the arrow next to the Search Address Books box, and then click the name that you want.

In a new message, click To , Cc , or Bcc boxes in the message header. Double-click the name in the Name list, and then click OK. Why don't I see the name list column in the Address Book? You might have used the More columns search option the last time that you used the Address Book.

Click Name only next to Search to restore the name list view.

How To Track a Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

When you type a name in the To , Cc , or Bcc boxes of an email message, Outlook automatically checks to see whether the name that you typed matches a name in the Address Book. If there is a match, the display name and email address are filled in, allowing you to send the message. If there is no match, the Check Names dialog box prompts you for more information. If more than one name contains the letters that you typed, you can select the name that you want from the list.

If the name is not found, you might need to look in a different address book or create a new contact. Picked a load of people on here and got home addresses for about two thirds without any special database access or signing up to anything. Never spent more than about twenty minutes per person, If I found nothing by then I gave up.

My name, address, telephone number and bank details are readily available online. And that was with full access to the customer databases that mobile phone networks have and all that, not just with a quick google,. I know a UK company that can do it e. People talk about this so everyone goes and googles their phone number. Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 of 12 total.