Mind your business background investigations

Along with fact checking your education and work history, the background check pulls up criminal records. Obviously, if you have any kind of criminal record—be it a misdemeanor when you were a senior in high school or a tax fraud charge five years ago—you may be understandably anxious.

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However, depending on the job description and the criminal charge, an employer could be in trouble if it automatically rejects you as a potential hire based on a certain conviction or record of arrest. Not always. Unfortunately yes.

How can background checks help?

Honesty can mean big things for your professional advancement. That mortgage payment you defaulted on with the partner that you lived with shortly after college?

Make your background checks a lot better

Surely, you learned a lot of lessons there; can you find a way to spin the story so that it demonstrates your problem-solving skills? Educate yourself as much as you can about this next step in the process. Some large corporations may simply be ruling out anyone with a felony, or they may just really want to make sure you graduated cum laude from Dartmouth in And really, if the organization is investing in the background check, chances are extremely high that it wants to hire you so try not to freak out about the standard process.

You made it through the tough part; be confident that you can survive a little fact-checking. We confirm the dates of attendance and the degree attained.

Background Investigations

Whether it is a license to practice dentistry or accounting, Worldwide Resources, Inc. We ask standard questions in this search to achieve a comprehensive summary. Driving records are available for a search term of three years in all 50 states. Credit reports are ideal for determining if an individual is suitable for positions dealing directly with company funds or positions that have accesses to confidential information, such as credit card numbers or are issued a company expense account credit card.

These searches are conducted at the state level in all available states, the District of Columbia, four U.

Thinking of Skipping That Background Check?

Registries contain registered violent and sexual offenders with conviction records. Electronic processing of Custody and Control Forms CCF allows you to streamline your drug testing by utilizing a single ordering dashboard. This service provides information from the county courthouse on a per-name basis.

Unlike criminal cases, civil actions generally require no personal identifiers at the time of filing. All details relating to the identity of either party will be provided. We conduct federal civil searches at the various federal courts in each state. Phone: Background Investigations.

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