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The level of assessment will depend on the nature of the job and can range from simply checking the levels of absence in a previous job to a full health assessment. If you are making a job offer conditional upon the candidate's fitness for the work, this should be stated clearly in the offer letter.

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You must ensure you are not carrying out discriminatory practices in asking potential employees to pass a health check. Health checks - if required - should be carried out on all candidates to avoid unfairly discriminating against disabled candidates. You may be required to pay a fee for a medical report on a candidate. The candidate must give you their written consent before you request a medical report.

Candidates have the right to see the report and can request that it is amended or withheld from you. Even without the applicant seeing the report, the doctor must keep it for 21 days before sending it to the employer. Certain positions will enable the employer to apply for a Basic Disclosures check for the potential applicant from Disclosure Scotland.

This is usually required when people are working regularly with children or vulnerable adults. The Security Industry Authority also carries out a criminal record check in England or Basic Disclosures check on anyone who applies for a security licence. Criminal records checks should not be requested until a job offer is made, but you should make it clear, in writing, that the job offer is conditional upon a Basic Disclosures check. You must be registered with Disclosure Scotland or use the services of an 'umbrella body' if you want to obtain Disclosure Scotland checks.

Once you have received your copy of the Disclosure Scotland certificate, you can assess whether the candidate is suitable for the job. A Disclosure Scotland check will reveal previous convictions. Generally, under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act , someone convicted of a criminal offence who does not receive any further convictions during 'the rehabilitation period' becomes a rehabilitated person.

Their conviction is regarded as spent - therefore after a certain period of time, you should treat the person as if the conviction had not happened.

Disclosure and Barring Service

A person must disclose all convictions - including spent ones - if the job offered falls into an exempted category according to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Exclusions and Exceptions Scotland Order , including:. Whether the conviction is spent or unspent, you should carefully weigh a number of factors, including:. People should not be unfairly discriminated against due to past convictions.

You should also give the candidate a chance to explain if a check reveals adverse information about them. All employers in the UK have a responsibility to stop illegal migrants working. You must therefore check the entitlement of everyone you plan to employ to work in the UK. Failure to do so may result in a civil penalty or criminal conviction. Even if you think that a potential employee has the right to work in the UK, you should still make the necessary checks.

You should ask candidates to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK by producing original copies of documents specified by the UKBA. If you wish to employ someone who isn't permitted to work in the UK without restriction, they will have to apply to work under the points-based system. Applicants must obtain a specified minimum number of points. These will be awarded for a combination of skills and attributes, such as:. Most categories of employee will need a certificate of sponsorship from an employer with a sponsor licence issued by the UKBA.

Its role is to help people move freely within the EEA and take up work in other member states. It can also help you to recruit workers from other EEA countries if you cannot find the right people for your jobs locally. No contract of employment exists until a candidate has accepted an offer and all conditions under which the offer was made have been satisfied. You can withdraw conditional job offers made subject to suitable references and criminal records checks, where the results are not as you expected. If a candidate starts work before the results of checks have been received, you should make it clear that the offer may be withdrawn if the checks prove unsatisfactory.

You may also wish to offer employment subject to a trial or probationary period. The length of the period may depend on the type of job and how much time is needed to demonstrate the necessary skills. If you decide to withdraw the offer at the end of the period, you need to give the employee the notice period specified in their written statement. It's also highly advisable to explain clearly why the offer is being withdrawn to avoid potential legal claims, eg for discrimination.

If no notice period has been agreed, they are entitled to the statutory minimum notice period, or to any longer period which is the established custom or practice within the industry. An alternative to withdrawing an offer is to extend the probationary period - if the contract allows - and to provide appropriate training. Employees cannot claim unfair dismissal before completing one year's service if employed before 6 April or two years' service if employed on or after 6 April , unless it is for a number of automatically unfair reasons.

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However, an employee dismissed during - or at - the completion of their probationary period may be able to claim breach of contract if - for example - you have not provided training that you promised would be given. The Data Protection Act applies to personal information - data about living, identified or identifiable individuals, including information such as names and addresses, bank details, and opinions expressed about an individual.

The use of sensitive information - including information that might be disclosed during a criminal records check - is more tightly controlled.


There are some guidelines you should keep in mind in relation to pre-employment checks. You should:. Any information you gather in the process of making your pre-employment checks must be kept securely and confidentially. The candidate has the right to ask to see any information you hold on them which you must supply within 40 days of receiving the request. You can connect with us through the contact form, call us or contact your local Business Gateway office. It's no secret that having top talent at the heart of any business is key, but knowing exactly how to put it there in the first place is an area of business often overlooked.

Criminal Record Checks for Companies or Individuals

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Criminal record checks

Human Resources Looking after your people is a priority. DigitalBoost Get ready to make more of your online presence. Human Resources. Pre-employment checks for employers Essential pre-employment checks for employers to conduct when taking on a new employee. Guide 14 min read. Overview The importance of pre-employment checks Making identity checks Checking references Checking qualifications Health checks Applying for a criminal records check Ensuring candidates are eligible to work in the UK Withdrawing job offers where checks are not satisfactory Pre-employment checks - data protection issues Next steps.

The importance of pre-employment checks. Pre-employment checks are an important part of the recruitment process. They help you to: comply with the law by ensuring the employee has permission to work - and remain - in the UK and has not been barred from carrying out the job - eg for roles working with vulnerable groups or holding the position of director check that the potential employee is suitably qualified or skilled for the job assess whether the potential employee is suitable for the job - eg for roles working with vulnerable groups or security roles check that the employee is physically able to carry out the job - though you must ensure you do not discriminate There are a range of checks you can make, some of which are compulsory and others which may be desirable.

You can make any job offer conditional on the outcome of pre-employment checks. A conditional job offer does not become a binding employment contract until both parties have agreed to it and can be withdrawn if the conditions are not met You should carry out your checks as quickly as possible once a conditional offer has been made. Making identity checks. Checking references.

Although not compulsory, it is advisable to check a potential employee's references. You could ask: when and for how long the candidate was employed what their job title and main duties were how many days of sick leave they took whether they were subject to disciplinary action - and if so - why whether they were reliable, honest and hardworking if there are any reasons why they should not be employed Extra detail can be revealed by telephoning the referee.

When the DBS and local police force s have completed their searches, the result is automatically uploaded directly into our system and within 1 hour an electronic copy is sent to the employers nominated Disclosure Manage r. If the application was for a basic level DBS, the applicant can nominate an alternative address to send the certificate to, such as the employers.

We understand that there is a lot of information to take in when trying to decide who to use to process your criminal record checks. These can be used in a range of different job roles and are also commonly used for visa purposes. The speed of service is amazing! I find everyone very helpful.

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