School district runs background check on teacher racism

Greeley responds by swearing at the man in the video. She responds, "That's right, because you're black. And you see me, a white woman, so you think I've got money. Shot 9 times, police say: Photographer asked three teens to stop using a racial slur. Greeley eventually says, "Go back to your welfare… your Section 8 house. That draws a laugh from the man. A statement from Upper Darby School District posted to social media said the teacher was placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. McGarry also said the poster of the video had a third grader in his car while Greeley was ranting.

He added other children were watching the confrontation from the school, too. Racist graffiti in Mississippi: 'I never thought something like this would happen to me'. He said the district's investigation is complete and has been turned over to its legal team.

He will make a recommendation, but Greeley's employment will be up to the district's school board. Cruz was a troubled student. Everyone wants to blame him, and yes, I do believe that he should be punished for his actions. But the root causes of such actions should be examined, too. Why primarily argue about guns? Argue the fact that bullying is alive in all our hallways. Argue the fact that depression can rise like a fire with no help in sight. We should teach students and faculty about gun safety, which includes how to shoot a gun, maintain a gun and how to disarm a gun at the bare minimum.

Teachers and other faculty members should also have some sort of weapon available in the classroom. Whether or not it is a gun should be a decision left to the teacher to decide, but a weapon should be mandatory. I also believe in mental health checks before purchasing a weapon at a gun show or store. In fact, I would propose mandatory mental health screens for everyone, both young and old. This way the government could keep a mental health database and consult it when necessary. The Parkland shooting news alert popped up on my phone like many before it.

But this one caught my eye…high school…shooter…fatalities. In shock, I blurted out the headline to a bus full of rowdy high schoolers headed to a soccer game. The response was heartbreaking.

Florida teacher "removed from classroom" over racist podcast, school district says

A couple of heads popped up from the lure of their phones but quickly looked back down. Only one person asked for details. We Americans have become desensitized to mass shootings. As a year old born and raised in America, I have lived through too many national tragedies, more than enough for a lifetime.

Mass shootings are now so frequent that many hardly bat an eyelash. Our pain has been desensitized. This is a problem. This is the problem. This is our problem. The recent Florida shooting has made me aware of how much I had been living in fear without even realizing it. The types of weapons used in mass shootings are insanely powerful and, if not stopped, have the capability to kill hundreds of people in minutes. As students, we are the ones who are affected by this, yet it seems like no one will take our voices seriously.

One suggestion has been to put our teachers in the role of first responder, concealing metal and lead somewhere between their barely functioning technologies and dull dry erase markers.

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Instead, I wish they would arm our teachers with the tools they need to provide us with knowledge. If teachers wanted to be police officers, then it seems to me that they would have taken that oath. This country, in all of its greatness, and it is already great, needs to get tougher on gun laws. Why do civilians need to own a weapon that the military uses during war to create mass casualties? How can I be sure that it will not be me getting caught in the thought of a was. How can I be sure that it will not be my family pleading on their worn battle knees, bleeding and crying out for answers, because their child no longer is but was.

The Racists Roots and Racist Indoctrination of School Choice | gadflyonthewallblog

Do not act like prevention was a joke. A rehearsal that people knew would not work. A rehearsal that did not work for them. If you have a platform to speak and people to listen, use it. Speak up about gun violence and start making a change.

Are Teachers Unintentionally Racist?

If you see a sign, how could you ignore it? Do not leave an abandoned mission to collect dust. Why not try to help? We cannot read minds, but we can read posts. Just so in case there is a school shooting, I can go out the window and easily run to my car, fill it up with as many people as possible and get away. The other day at school I was sitting in the cafeteria and some kid dropped his binder and it made a big sound throughout the cafeteria, it sounded somewhat like a gunshot, and immediately I started crying. When I moved to Mexico my sophomore year, I went to Acapulco for a week to visit some distant family.

My family came back a week later to a cross sitting on our front door. Our neighbors told us that someone had been shot and killed next to our home. I found out that a boy my age had gotten into an argument and shot someone with a gun that he had gained easy access to. What really rattled me was later that night, when we got home, and saw all the children playing outside like nothing had happened.

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I have lived in both the United States and Mexico. Methods for taking down an active shooter need to be explored. Schools should create a team of non-lethal weapon carriers. There are many who protest the idea of faculty and staff in schools carrying weapons, but what if these weapons could bring down a shooter without ever posing a threat or causing a fatality? Pellet and bean bag guns have been developed for crowd control. It is not a stretch to ask and receive training to operate a non-lethal weapon.

After these problems are addressed and changes are made, maybe then we could come together and heal some of the wounds that this country has endured over the last few years. The students also need to take some of the blame. The teens that create these massacres have to have a reason for doing all this.

Florida teacher "removed from classroom" over racist podcast, school district says

Maybe if one kid had said hello to him that day, he might not feel the need to go over the edge. But maybe, just maybe, some of the teens that were killed, maybe they would still be alive if someone noticed the weird kid, who sits alone at lunch. We need to have some restrictions and make it a little harder to get guns. One of the first restrictions we need is definitely a mental health screening. With a more comprehensive system for reporting mental health issues and conducting background checks, we can avoid putting guns in the hands of people who pose threats to themselves or others.

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  • Florida teacher "removed from classroom" over racist podcast, school district says - CBS News.

Another thing that we need to have, and this goes for inside as well as outside of schools, is an armed guard. I personally think we should hire unemployed veterans. We should make the job of protecting our schools available to these men and women. Stronger implementation of background checks when trying to purchase a gun is essential.

Active-shooter drills should take place in every school. Threats to schools need to be taken more seriously by school administrators. I hear about too many threats being easily dismissed. Students should have weekly locker checks and doors around the building should be locked at all times.